Nourish and Strengthen Your One Precious Heart

Nourish and Strengthen
Your One Precious Heart

By Tom Cowan, M.D

Happy heart month! This month, we’re discounting all our heart-support supplements. This is also a time for celebration, as my sixth grandchild, Isaac Emmanuel Cowan, was born on February 10. Mother, baby and the entire family are doing well.

Here is a list of our heart-support supplements and a brief description for each.

Strophanthus capsules. These are the new addition to our strophanthus line. They are made from wild-harvested seeds of the perennial vine strophanthus gratus. They are sent to Germany and made into a powder for use as a medicine. Testing has shown that they contain about .8 mg of ouabain per capsule. As I have written extensively, strophanthus-seed extracts support normal blood pressure and normal heart function. The dose is two to six capsules a day, best on an empty stomach. Our strophanthus capsules and extracts are available to health-care practitioners only. Click here for more information.
Strophanthus-seed extract. The extract is made from the same source of strophanthus seeds that are then sent to Brazil. They are soaked in alcohol for about a month, then filtered and bottled. As with the capsules, they contain the full spectrum of nutrients found in the strophanthus seed, along with about .9mg of ouabain per 20 drops. The usual dose is five to 30 drops three times a day, directly in the mouth, held for one minute before swallowing. Our strophanthus capsules and extracts are available to health-care practitioners only. Click here for more information.

Dan Shen Supreme. Dan Shen is the primary Chinese herb used for heart support. Dan Shen strengthens the heart, improves endurance and has a mild blood-thinning effect. Our Dan Shen Supreme is made in the manner of the traditional Chinese formulas. The dose is three to six capsules a day.

Australian Emu Oil. This emu oil is extracted from traditionally raised emus in Australia. Emu oil is rich in vitamin K2, which helps prevent plaque development and calcification of the blood vessels. The usual dose is ½ teaspoon twice a day.

Grassfed Beef Heart. Our beef-heart capsules are derived from pasture-raised cows from New Zealand. Naturally high in bio-available coQ10 and other nutrients that support heart health, the usual dose is six capsules a day.

Hibiscus Extract. Our Hibiscus Extract is cold extracted from the finest Egyptian hibiscus flowers. Naturally high in bioflavonoids, which support health of the blood vessels, hibiscus, along with strophanthus and Beet-Root Juice Powder, is my go-to regimen to support normal blood pressure. The usual dose is 1 teaspoon in water twice a day.

Beet-Root Juice Powder. Our Beet-Root Juice Powder is made from the juice of U.S. organically grown beets. The beets are juiced and dried to maintain all of their vital nutrients. Because of its high nitrite contents, beet juice is a valuable support for relaxing the blood vessels and therefore supporting normal blood pressure. The usual dose is 1 teaspoon in water twice a day.

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart. I wrote this book to explain primarily that the heart is not a pump and that blocked arteries are not the only cause of heart attacks. I also offer strategies to keep your heart healthy,

Mito Q. This coQ10 is specifically formulated to be better absorbed and used by our mitochondria. Many diseases, including heart disease, are known to be associated with lack of energy generated by our mitochondria. Mito Q is one way to address this shortcoming. The usual dose is 2 capsules in the morning.

Tocomin Suprabio. Tocomins are a broad spectrum and fully bio-available form of vitamin E. Vitamin E was shown decades ago by the Shute brothers to be crucial for heart health. The usual dose is 1 capsule twice a day.

Transdermal Magnesium oil. Magnesium deficiency is very common in industrialized nations and in those who eat a poor diet, or who eat food grown in nutrient-deficient soil. The best way to replenish our stores of magnesium and support a normal heart rhythm is to rub about 20 pumps on the skin once or twice a day. After 20 minutes, the oil can be washed off.

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