Simply step outside for major cancer prevention

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Simply step outside for major cancer prevention

Posted on March 1, 2019 by Dr. Micozzi

March is here. And of course, my thoughts are shifting to spring and spending more time in the sun. Hopefully, you get the opportunity to head south for some kind of “spring break” or Easter respite to boost your body’s natural production of vitamin D.

Getting some extra sun exposure in the early spring is especially critical — as it’s the time of year when most people’s vitamin D levels plummet to their lowest points, after the cumulative effects of the long winter.

Of course, dermatologists and mainstream doctors often recommend we avoid the sun at all costs, all the time — as they believe it’s a carcinogenic, skin-burning ring of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. And if we must go outside — we should always slather ourselves with toxic sunscreens.

But unlike these so-called mainstream “experts,” I actually follow the science, which — time and time again — shows the major health benefits of getting some regular sun exposure. And now, a recent study found that daily exposure to the sun can even protect you against six deadly types of cancer…
Lower your risk of 6 deadly cancers — for free!

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