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Welcome to the internet’s largest discount alternative healing directory. As you may or may not know this is an interactive webpage. You can click on random items within the room. Items include a telephone, a radio, a piggy bank, books, pictures and more. Alternative treatments are increasing as the world slowly starts to awaken to new options. There are hundreds of different modalities that have been extremely effective. You may view a few of these options here. The goal of this site is not only a spot where you can find discounted alternative treatments, products and insurance. We also want to help replace your fear with love and hope. We have a multitude of tools on this site that will help you with your emotions and assist you in living a happy, healthy and peaceful life. So let us take a look at one of the most feared illness we could face or could be facing, (cancer). Every single human being on the planet has cancer cells in their bodies.  The good news is that, for most of us, our body’s natural defenses know how to defeat these defective, tumor-causing cells, and they never get the chance to grow up into a full-blown cancer. The fact that only 5–10% of all cancer cases are due to genetic defects and that the remaining 90–95% are due to environment and lifestyle choices.  The American Cancer Society says 40% of men born today can expect to develop cancer in their lifetime. In the year 1900, 3% could expect to develop cancer in their lifetime. With statistics like these we need to take a more hands on approach at prevention. THE INFORMATION WITHIN THIS SITE WILL HELP.

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