7 th Heaven Farm – NJ Grassfed Foods

OUR PHILOSOPHY:Our animals are pasture raisedthey range freely, grazing on pasture and browsing in the wood spring through fall.  During the winter months, they are still free to roam, however their diet consists of various types of baled hay and grasses.  At 7th Heaven Farm, animals are never confined and they are free to exhibit their natural behavior.  The health and happiness of our animals is most important. Our farm is about the humane treatment of the animals. We believe that their health and happiness is a product of their environment, diet and treatment. Accordingly, we strive to prodvide them with:  

  •  a clean environment where they can exhibit their natural behavoir;
  • a natural diet that promotes healthy growth and thus flesh; and
  • a loving, safe home where they are cared for like domestic animals (cats and dogs) and protected from harm and illness.

The Farm is located in Tabernacle, Burlington County, New Jersey.

Here’s a link to the web site 7th Heaven Farm

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